Finding here

The Reception


The reception is open every day from 08.30 to 21.30, during high season. Information about the opening hours during low season, you can find on the notice-board close to the reception. However, we are almost always at the camping, so please call us if you need something.

The Shop


Our shop is situated in the reception, and has the same opening hours as the reception. We can offer a small assortment with necessary goods for your stay. Fresh bread for your breakfast can be bought every morning, and we are happy if you make an order the day before. If you miss anything in the shop – please tell us and we will help you.

The Pub

KrogenHockey i krogen

Next to the reception you will find our cozy pub, where we can offer homemade dishes and drinks of any kind. The pub’s speciality, which we warmly recommend, is Tarte flambée – a french type of stone-baked pizza. We meet at the pub to have fun together, and during the season we regularly arrange activities, such as live performances and quiz nights. Sometimes we show football matches on our widescreen.

Hope to see you there!

Båstad Camping is a family campsite with great personal commitment. We care about all our guests’ well-being during their stay with us. Hope you’ll have really good days here!

Kids & pets

Help your children to find suitable places to play on. We have a nice walking path in the woods that is well suited for both playing around and also functions as a dog exercise area. Remember to always keep the dog on a leash and not walking your dog in the camping area. If you want your dog to run without leash, we have a nice fenced dog park in the woods. Also remember to pick up after your dog for everyone’s enjoyment.

Safety & environment

We are a camping with environmental commitment and you therefore pay for the electricity and the hot water that you’ll consume. The guest is responsible for checking the electricity and record what the meter is showing on arrival and then again on check out. 1 kW costs 2.50 SEK. If the annotation is lost, you will be charged a fixed sum.

At check-in you’ll get a hot water card that is charged with 50 SEK. This card works as payment in showers where 2 minutes costs 3 SEK and at the dishwashing facilities, where about 1 minute costs 1 SEK. Washing machine costs 30 SEK per washing and dryers 15 SEK per drying. To see the balance of the card, a reader is situated between the women’s and men’s toilets. The card also works to unlock the barrier to enter the camping area. Be sure to drive all the way with the car, otherwise the card will not work.

We ask you to sort your trash at our environment station. Household waste is thrown away in a container for combustible waste, glass in the green container. The guest is responsible for coarse waste.

Only sealed containers are allowed for drainage. The emptying area is behind the service building. It is absolutely forbidden to flush it out on your plot.

Due to the risk of fire, it is absolutely forbidden to grill directly on the grass. The distance should be a minimum of 40 cm.

Check that the gas and electrical equipment is tested and approved according to regulations. 2 pieces of P11 tubes per equipage is the maximum amount allowed.


Car traffic is allowed between 7 AM to 11 PM. However, it is not permitted for doing errands on the campsite.

Check-out time is at 1 PM. The plot has to be emptied and cleaned by then. Do you want to stay longer? Please contact us at the reception.

Remember to consider your neighbors. Peace and tranquility will prevail between 11 PM to 8 AM. Disruptive behavior is not allowed, nor loud music (even during the day) that may disturb other guests.


The WiFi is free. Connect to one of the following networks: bastadcamping, bastadcamping2 or bastadcamping3. Once connected open the web browser (usually opens automatically) and you will be prompted to enter a username and password, use 'guest' for both username and password. For a safer and more reliable connection it is possible to buy tickets to the Telia homerun network in the reception. 1, 4 and 24 hour tickets are available.

To stay in a caravan

Öppna ytorÖversikt

On the campsite we have 172 plots with electricity. All the plots are 120 square meters, and are situated on flat grass areas. If you miss the right cord to get electricity, you can buy one in the reception.

Avstånd mellan vagnarna

Due to fire security, a 4 meter distance to the next equipage is required, in all directions. The towing hook must not be turned to the hedge. The plots can contain one caravan/camper and one car. Other cars can be parked on the guest parking behind the reception.

Thoroughfares must not be blocked under any circumstances – give way to emergency vehicles.

All equipment, including your car, have to be placed within the plot area. The plot is marked with white stones.

To stay in a tent


The tent area is located along the edge of the forest at the bottom of the campsite. The spaces are not numbered and without electricity. If you want electricity, you can rent a camping plot instead. You can park your car next to the tent. Because of the risk of fire, we ask you to always keep a minimum distance of 4 meters to the next carriage.

In the service building next to the tent area you’ll find the kitchen and common room. There is also a cozy barbecue spot in the edge of the forest. Note that it is forbidden to dispose things directly on the ground.


Camper/allocated space


In the area there are 24 plots with electricity and 26 plots without electricity. All the pitches are 70 square meters and they have a lawn area. Remember to always keep 4 meters to the neighbour.

As a camping guest you’re allowed to use all the campsite facilities inside the area. Our newly established service station is located behind the reception desk. There you can stock up on drinking water, empty the gray water and latrines, and throw your garbage in our waste station. Access to the service station is included in the daily rate.